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Easily Collaborate with Everyone

Boardwalk Sheets ushers in the next stage of maturity for enterprise-class collaboration using patented cell-level data sharing technology. Other collaboration solutions require that you upload and manage content to a web application. With Communicator, multiple users can work concurrently on the same spreadsheet data at the same time from inside Excel.

Share Cell-Level Data, Not Files

Other collaboration solutions for spreadsheets work at the file level, which leaves you emailing spreadsheets or uploading/downloading files. With Boardwalk Sheets, you share and collaborate over cell-level data from inside Excel. No more uploading files. No more check-in/check-out. And, no file sharing sites to provision and administer.

Merge Updates with a Single Click

Did you know that at least 20% of your time is spent manually consolidating spreadsheet changes from multiple users? And you still have to work with multiple versions of spreadsheet files leaving you always chasing the latest data from everyone. With Boardwalk Sheets, when you refresh your local Excel file, all changes from multiple users are automatically updated and shown in your file at the cell-level.

Keep an Audit Trail and Change History

With Boardwalk Sheets, you get a single-version of the truth for your collaborative spreadsheet data. Using a patented database technology, all changes by all users are automatically versioned in the Boardwalk database and available with the click of a mouse. Identify new rows or columns of data, or get insight into into cell history so you can revert back to older values. Every change is now accountable from within Excel.

Send Chat Messages Inside Excel

There’s often a dialog that goes along with any spreadsheet process and most commonly email is used to communicate questions about shared spreadsheets. But this adds more time to the consolidation process and disassociates the dialog from the actual data. With Boardwalk Sheets, integrated chat is available directly inside Excel, so in addition to sharing cell-level data changes, users can also send messages to the team so everyone has a complete understanding of updates.

Enterprise-Quality & IT-Friendly

Simple, secure, fast data sharing with the controls needed for process transparency, privacy management, and seamless connectivity. Boardwalk Sheets utilizes a patented database technology that brings enterprise reliability, management, and control to your spreadsheet based data. Don’t want to use our cloud? We have optional support for private cloud, on-premise and Active Directory integration.

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